“ Bravo! Félicitations! Wunderbar ! ” - Mom

“ You are a light around our town ”

- Jocelyn Kelly, PTA Coordinator

“ You are the best Armelle.  I am so humbled I and truly admire all you are doing for kids. 
It is simply wonderful. ” - Mom

In this interactive musical event, you'll build an understanding of other cultures while rocking out to amazing tunes."  

- Rebecca Teglas, Head of Children Library, Larchmont

“ You have a certificate...you deserve it !”

-Assemblyman George Latimer

“ CONGRATULATIONS on this truly well deserved honor, ARMELLE !!! ”  - Parents

The Journal News :

 " The music program is so exciting ​and engaging for my kids, I just wanted more of it! "-Class Mom
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"Creating bridges between cultures, teaching understanding and tolerance, MUSIC leads our children to do just that"!



  • Ice Cream Song (mastered)2:43
  • Bonjour, bonjour1:28
  • Marshmallows In The Night2:02
  • Little By Little2:02
  • Native Beat (mastered)3:26
  • 2:44