Nina Ossoff

World Music Teacher, Songwriter and Educator

Over the past twenty years, Nina has taught music and musical composition to students ranging in ages from pre-school to college, at institutions that include the Home School/Camp Mohawk in White Plains, NY, the National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters Hall of Fame, Sleepy Hollow High School (grant program educator), 
New York University and Montclair State University (guest lecturer), and Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY (guest educator at her alma mater, from which she earned a BA in Music in 1980). She is especially adept at engendering enthusiasm in students for musical composition, encouraging them to use their life and school experience (including classroom learning) to guide their lyrical and musical development.  

At Music On Wheels, we are honored to have Nina on board!  Her energy, open mind and knowledge of world music is a wonderful addition to our enrichment Rock Your World Kids music program!! 

Nina lives and works in the greater New York City area, with an office and home in Briarcliff Manor, NY.

Deborah Guigui


Tany Sapione

Spanish Teacher

Matthew Bauer

The "Rhythmaniac" Percussionist and vocalist!

Tom Z​ino
Co-owner of Music On Wheels, 
Founder and Owner of Gym On Wheels, Founder and Owner of GOW Franchising, LLC

Armelle Gloaguen

World Music Teacher and Performer, French Teacher, Music Director at Music On Wheels​

Born in Paris, France and having grown up in Mexico City, Deborah is fluent in French, Spanish, English and Hebrew. She graduated from Universidad de las Americas, and holds a B.A in InternationalRelations.

Years ago, she met Armelle, (she literally walked in and was hired on the spot as our savior from administrative duties!) and worked  with her as assistant teacher in French and Spanish while fulfilling the responsabilities of managing the administration of Armelle's Language Studio.  Her great sense of details and practicality make her a great asset in the pursuit of our goals, and her sense of humor makes her an awesome colleague!

In her free time Deborah enjoys music, reading and traveling around the world.

Today Deborah lives in Westchester, New York with her husband and three children.

Born in Lima, Peru, Tany studied assistant teaching in "Las Cazuarinas" school, where she worked as a Kindergarden assistant.

Full of energy, Tany is a happy and interactivebilingualspanish teacher who brings to her students the eagerness to learn a new language while having a tremendous amount of fun. She plays the autoharp and thrives to grow her repertoire in English and Spanish.

Tany moved to the US  10 years ago and lives in Port Chester, NY with her husband and two children.

Award-winning artist and educator, is an experienced teacher and an accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist.
As an educator, Armelle has worked with children in the U.S., France, and Guatemala for the past 20 years.  For more, click here.

​When Tom founded Gym On Wheels in 2004 in New York, and Connecticut, he already had over seven years experience running gymnastics programs for children.  Gym On Wheels grew as he served area pre-schools, daycares, and early learning centers with his gymnastics and physical fitness programs. Teaching toddlers and young children using a foundation he calls “Gymnastics 101” – rolling, jumping, tumbling--developing strength, enhancing fine and gross motor skills, and improving balance and stamina.After a few years of teaching on his own, Tom brought on a staff of part-time instructors. Many were work-at-home moms who had younger preschoolers – like our students – as well as elementary aged children, too. These instructors helped Tom with increasing the reach and availability of the Gym On Wheels programs. Now, with a core staff of 10 instructors, he serves the New York and Connecticut areas.

Since getting started with music at age 9, Matthew's musical credo has been 'maniacal about rhythms' and is now owner/creator of Rhythmaniacs! 

Originally a native of Central New York, he has relocated to Westchester County after attending the Music Conservatory at Purchase College

Matthew has won the Tony Pellegrino performance award both in 2006 and 2007 from Drum Corps International's Drums Along the Mohawk show and the 2006/2007 Purchase College Concerto Competition on snare drum.  

​Well versed in orchestral, pop, rock, contemporary, world, marching, and improvisational styles, he has performed for a combined audience of over 300,000 at Madison, Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium and Pasadena's Rose Bowl.

His motto is: “It's not always your aptitude but your attitude that determines your altitude”.

Since 2012 Matthew is an original member of the Hand Jive Tribe to share his multiple rhythmic talents and sound effects with families all around!