We need:

  • Coordinators for donations and pick up dispatch.
  • ​Fundraisers to cover travelling and lodging expenses while on site.
  • ​Singers and musicians to bring their talents on site: YOUR EXPENSES ARE PAID.
  • ​Anybody with computer and graphic design skills to help with flyers and notices.

Ongoing #SOCKSFORSHELTERS drive for homeless shelters, all year long!  

  • In Westchester: we bring them to Uplift Westchester which then dispatches them to the affiliated home shelters.
  • Bring new AND USED socks to our classes, drop them off directly at the shelter office or call me 914-672-0948, I will pick them up!



on behalf of all the children you helped, 




  • Instruments of all kinds, even those in your attic for children to enjoy and learn!  Call us for easy pick up at 914-672-0948
  • CD and cassette players.
  • CDs and tapes in FrenchCreole and English.  We send them to schools and orphanages in Haiti, still recovering from the earthquake.
  • FrenchCDs and books for schools in Louisiana.  Many school districts are trying to save the Cajun French language but are lacking funds and confidence to support the new generation. The grand-parents often still speak it, their children understand it but their grand-children neither speak nor understand the language.

If you know a non-profit center or a group of people who would benefit from multicultural music!  We will arrange a free show or workshop at their location..FREE..of course!

1- LET US KNOW....


Our mission at Armelle for Kids LLC  is to bring music as a healing tool to those who need it the most:  mothers and children/teenagers at domestic violence sheltersnon-profit organizations working directly with underprivileged families, orphanagesrefugee camps, and schools in disaster areas.

We bring them instruments as a means to express their hopes and release their fears. Sounds, lyrics,  beats, rhythmic patterns all play a role in children's cognitive and emotional development.  Music and languages purge grief and heal hearts. 

We put the adults  in their world in charge of the music program after we leave. They make the program sustainable and keep their musical heritage alive while setting up an outlet for their youth to meet, speak and grow.

Bridges are thus built.  Beyond our differences, we all have the same core values.

"Everywhere I went, music was the ice-breaker: the door opener, the bonding, the support, the strength, the link.  It was the starting point to learning each other's language."  Armelle Gloaguen-

October 8: Family benefit concert "Rock Your World Kids" for Alternative For Violence Project.  Purchase, NY.

Volunteers needed to spread the word to shops and facilities and sponsors to cover the cost of photocopies of flyers.

UPDATE!  Music workshops at the refugee camp "La Jungle" in Calais on August 22-25 were a success!

  • Thank you for the donations of instruments and to all the sponsors for train and lodging expenses.  Music Teachers needed to keep the music workshops going at L'Ecole Laïque du Chemin des Dunes.  Contact Armelle or Kara for more info.

MISE A JOUR!  Les ateliers musique au camp de réfugiés dit "La Jungle" du 22-25 Août ont été un succès!

  • Un grand merci pour les dons d'instruments et à tous les sponsors qui nous ont aidé à couvrir les dépenses en train et logement.​​  On a besoin de professeurs de musique pour continuer les ateliers musique à  L'Ecole Laïque du Chemin des Dunes.  Contactez Armelle ou Kara pour plus d'informations.​