*Travel The World: make your own instrument and learn a song in the language of the countries you travel to!

*Vive La France: fly to Paris and take the train to various provinces of France.  Learn about food, music and history!

​*Tell us what countries your curriculum focuses on and we will adapt our workshop to fit your needs!

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Explore the rich diversity of world music with this fun  and interactive multicultural performance!

Armelle & the Hand Jive Tribe lead the children through song after song, some quite familiar and some completely new, in a variety of languages such as French, Spanish, English, Italian, Hebrew, Korean, Chinese, Iroquois and more.   

This set leads children to open their minds to different ways of singing, dancing and playing music.
The use of world instruments, guitar and percussions make for a global-array of hot tunes that engages all ages!  

Rock Your World Kids! Multicultural Concert

The best way to introduce a language! Songs  are specifically chosen to learn a simple selection of vocabulary and sentences: Greetings, Numbers, Colors, Animals and  Actions.  

Children will recognize American songs sung in French/Spanish,  they will use  maracas and  tambourines to participate in the guitar sing along. Puppets  will  illustrate the lyrics of the songs and we will blow bubbles to the beat!
Children will hear and feel the rhythm of the language.  Explanations in English will be given to learn all the tricks to acquire a second language
This show is always full of movement, dance and surprises!

Learn Spanish/French Through Music! Show

Educational WORKSHOPS


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​​​​Armelle & The Hand Jive Tribe brings multicultural music to libraries, schools, PTA programs, nature centers, YMCAs, playgroups, fundraising events, Alliance Française, and summercamps. Depending on your needs, the shows are customizable to your themes and demographics.

Each show lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Appropriate for all ages up to 10 years old. 

References available!

For ages 1 through 8, in English, Spanish or French, Armelle will travel to your location for a musical birthday party  full of life, dancing and fun! During a 45 minute show, with her guitar and original songs mixed with well known kids’ favorites, Armelle interacts with children through musical games, maracas, tambourines, bubbles, glittery pompoms, her special monkey puppet Pétard  and more. The show is customizable to the theme of your choice including your child's favorite songs.