Traveling builds up the sense of humanity we are born with.  It opens the door to the sense of belonging we all thrive for. 
Born and raised in France, I traveled to Spain, England, Germany and all around France in my childhood.  I then went on to Poland in 1989 and 1991, and emigrated to the United States in 1994. Immersed in a new language was the first step towards understanding and adapting to a different culture. The second step towards a deeper understanding of cultural differences and similarities among us happened when I took on the position of on-site Director at the orphanage Casa Guatemala, in Río Dulce, Guatemala.  On top of learning a third language, I was challenged to embrace a completely different set of socio-economic situations.  Yet, a very  deep sense of connection to each other as humans with the same core values - trust, love, respect -  allowed all of us to work together. International volunteers, Guatemalan latino staff, Q'eqchi' (also spelled Kekchi) Mayan staff, American residents from surrounding areas, all of us did it!  Beyond languages, the bridge among us was made of smiles, a lot of listening, respectful observing and MUSIC!  

Education through TRAVELING

And a  Band That Will Make You SING And DANCE!

A QUALITY Program At Your School

Armelle For Kids LLC 


​Educational Multicultural Musical Shows, Classes and Workshops For Children

Armelle Gloaguen, award-winning artist and educator, is an     experienced teacher  and an accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist.  She performs and teaches at schools, libraries, charity and private events.

Armelle's band mates are the wonderful Matthew Bauer, percussionist virtuoso and rain drop sound maker, guest singers and musicians, and roadies Christophe Mooney and Sacha Meytin (Sacha started playing electric guitar and percussions this summer 2015 and Christophe designed the Peace sign!) . 

Created in October 2012, The Tribe has performed at libraries, summer camps, YMCA's and various charity events bringing to children and adults the energy of world music.  The focus of the show is to create a mind opening experience by enjoying american traditional and originals songs mixed with multicultural tunes. Lyrics and melodies are catchy and appropriate for children any age.

The Hand Jive Tribe brings highly interactive and multicultural music shows to children and their  parents  all over the tri-state area!

As an educator, Armelle has worked with children in the U.S., France, and Guatemala for the past 20 years.

She created the “Learn French/Spanish Through Music” technique in 1998 and successfully taught French and Spanish with this unique multi-sensory methodology at Armelle's Language Studio and LinguaKids in Larchmont, NY. 

As a musical artist, Armelle has produced and recorded three albums of children's music: “Discover A World Of Music” featuring traditional and original songs in English, French and Spanish;  “Learn French Through Music” featuring traditional and original songs adapted to the purpose of teaching French, and “Learn Spanish Through Music” featuring traditional and original songs adapted to the purpose of teaching Spanish.  

She is a featured vocalist in three award-winning videos by ChildSmart, Inc. titled “Baby Monet”, “Baby Noel and “Jungle for Tots”, in which she sings in English,French, German and Spanish.

​In 2005, she presented French and English poems on Poetry Moments on LMC-TV.

​Recent achievements feature voice overs for Coach Video Productions and for Jack Morton Worldwide, NYC.

Armelle keeps teaching and singing at YMCAs, schools, libraries and birthdayparties.  She brings music to children in need and gives benefit concert to various charities.